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Salish Security professionals are former federal law enforcement and military officers, skilled in crisis response, continuity of government operations, emergency management, and investigations. Salish's private investigative team has over a half century experience working on some of the nation's most sensitive security issues, from the strategic to tactical level. Experienced in both domestic and international criminal and civil investigations, Salish Security offers prompt and discreet private investigative solutions to law firms, businesses, and individuals. Focus areas include due diligence, risk assessment, vendor compliance & employee misconduct. 

Additionally, Salish maintains a repertoire of corporate security training courses, hosted at the Washington Aerospace & Training Center  or at your workplace to assist business professionals in many spheres of security. Proactive training courses help leadership mitigate workplace security events- active shooter, mass casualty events, corporate espionage, vendor violations. Salish also offers global travel security and preparedness training, which address the myriad of risks associated with working overseas. This training is comprehensive, and addresses today's realities- your employees becoming the targets of corporate espionage, kidnapping/abductions, medical emergencies and/or crises in emerging markets where services and support are difficult to obtain. 

Salish Security & Consulting has both armed and unarmed private investigators, with decades of investigative and analytical experience. We are also proud to be certified as both a woman owned and WDVA Veteran Owned business. The company is registered as an approved vendor with the Washington State Electronic Business 
Solution, and is licensed, registered and insured (State of Washington Department of Licensing, #4167).

Members of Salish Security proudly serve in many areas of the community supporting veterans and veterans' issues.

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