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After serving as a US Marine Corps officer, Daniel Guerrero spent 26 years as a Special Agent with the FBI. Early in his career as an agent, he worked in the field investigating violent crime and major offenders, foreign counterintelligence and major drug trafficking organizations, and served as a SWAT team member, working on the Branch Davidian Siege in Waco, Texas. In 1994, Mr. Guerrero was selected to serve as an Operator with the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team (HRT). During this period with the HRT, he deployed overseas on major investigations, to include the U.S. embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, Pakistan, Russia, Egypt, Morocco, Sweden and the United Kingdom. In 1999, he transitioned to a management role in the FBI’s Crisis Management Unit (CMU), serving as the FBI program manager for the Foreign Emergency Support Team. 

After a move to Bucharest, Romania, Ms. Guerrero became involved in humanitarian operations, identifying and supporting the needs of the Roma and asylum seeking population in that country. Finding even less infrastructure support for asylum seekers in her next country of residence, Turkey, Ms. Guerrero helped establish a nonprofit organization that worked closely with the diplomatic community and the United Nations in delivering critical support to this at-risk population.  In 2008, Ms. Guerrero was individually recognized by the US Secretary of State, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for her work in Turkey. Returning to the US, Ms. Guerrero engaged in development support to Catholic Community Services of Western Washington and other US-based social justice agencies.

Ms. Guerrero currently serves as the Managing Partner for Salish Security & Consulting. In her free time, she enjoys participating in veteran focused programs such as Team Rubicon, where she serves as a Wildland Firefighter. In June of 2015, Ms. Guerrero
​ran 160 miles over a four-day period to support servicewomen who have died during operations in Iraq and Afghanistan: 
2015 Valor Run NW. 

Mr. Guerrero was appointed as the senior FBI representative to the newly established Department of Homeland Security, where he served on the Interagency Incident Management Group, providing guidance to DHS leadership and the White House Security Council regarding domestic incident management. Mr. Guerrero also served in Legal Attache positions in Romania and Turkey before returning to the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group in Quantico, Virginia. In 2011, Mr. Guerrero was selected as a supervisor to the Seattle FBI Field Office, where he served as the Crisis Management Coordinator as well as the Supervisory Resident Agent in charge of the Everett and Bellingham Resident Offices. In 2014, he completed an assignment in Kabul, Afghanistan working with the Afghan government and the international community on rule of law and investigative matters. 

In September 2014, Mr. Guerrero retired from the FBI and accepted a position as the Director for Security & Emergency Preparedness at Edmonds Community College. He serves as a partner with Salish Security & Consulting, an advisor to the Homeland Security & Emergency Management Board of Washington State, and a member of the Transportation Board of the City of Edmonds, Washington.

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Bridget Guerrero served in the United States Marine Corps as a Communications and Intelligence Officer for more than 13 years. After being selected to serve in a military special mission unit, her
​work involved many years of classified support to the US government. Leaving active duty, Ms. Guerrero became the first female Intelligence Officer for the Marine Corps’ 4th Reconnaissance Battalion, training Marines on surveillance, intelligence collection, analysis, and reports writing. She was mobilized to the Department of Homeland Security in 2002, where she served as a Senior Intelligence Analyst in the Infrastructure Analysis Division, specializing in current intelligence threat analysis. She developed and delivered daily threat briefings to principals at DHS which were frequently submitted to the White House, and was subsequently honored as Intelligence Officer of the year in 2005.  


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