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Salish currently offers training courses related to personal, workplace and employee security. Each of the standard courses are presented at various locations (see homepage calendar), or tailored to your needs and hosted at your business location. Contact Salish today for other unique group training opportunities.

Active Shooter / Workplace Violence Course
As the term "Active Shooter" becomes too familiar in US households, citizens want to learn more about protecting themselves during these events. Former FBI agent Dan Guerrero has spent three decades focused on issues like Active Shooter, working crisis management and counter terrorism at the federal, state and academic level.This course presents the spectrum of the active shooter event in three phases: preparedness, the actual event, and the transition to recovery. Phase one presents executives and their staff the principals of the “survival mindset,” so they are prepared to handle this type of event. Phase two provides instruction on what to do during event. Finally, phase three outlines issues related to your employees and business’ recovery from an event. A one-hour table-top exercise can be added to complement the training. In the table-top, instructors lead executives and their staff through a simulated active shooter incident.

Countering Youth Violent Extremism in our Communities
Across racial and income populations, youth in the U.S. are ideal targets for recruitment by violent extremists seeking support for their fundamentalist ideologies. In the past, perpetrators of violence from Foreign Terrorist Organizations or Domestic Extremist groups had to make physical contact with individuals to initiate recruitment. With sophisticated forms of communication and cunning tradecraft, today's youth are recruited, groomed and mobilized via their mobile devices. Join Salish team Bridget Guerrero and Sieng Douangdala, resettled refugee and social worker, to discuss the warning signs, the risks and remediation efforts being undertaken nationwide to thwart radicalization amongst our youth. 

​Stay Alert, Stay Alive: Using Situational Awareness & Non-Lethal Defensive Tools in Everyday Life
An increase in homelessness, drug use, and an inability to respond to the extensive mental health requirements in our region has led to an increase in criminal activity and volatility of criminals in King and Snohomish Counties. This increase has left everyday citizens in our area feeling stressed, vulnerable and anxious. The the best way to mitigate anxiety is through education and training. We’ve established a one hour seminar which helps individuals awaken their inner intuitiveness to reduce their own vulnerability. We teach students, mostly women and teens, the tools to develop a sense of situational awareness and how to travel confidently from one objective to another. We also introduce non-lethal defensive tools they can use when moving around their environment late at night, early in the morning, or in areas in which they are not familiar.

Overseas Travel Security Training
Prepare your employees for their overseas duties properly. Our course offers personal security protective measures training, along with tailored country briefings on their travel / work destination. Our professionals have lived and worked in every continent, and have a wide network of security partners around the world who provide real-time "on the ground" security reports about the environment in which your employees will operate. 

Crisis Management for Executives: Lessons from a Hostage Rescue Team Operator

After 20 years working with the FBI’s critical incident response division, which included on-scene management responsibilities at nearly every major terrorist incident affecting the U.S., Salish Principal, Dan Guerrero, translates the crisis management process to everyday business challenges. That is, when executives find themselves experiencing the stress of the spotlight during high profile events related to their business, the tools presented by Mr. Guerrero support ethically grounded, deliberate decisions in a chaotic, pressured filled environment. 

Hiring Employees from the Risk Management Lens: One Bad Apple Can Spoil the Barrel
This course, designed for executives and their hiring staff, examines a company’s employee onboarding processes. Onboarding, a comprehensive process, factors in the full spectrum of requirements to hiring the right employees and prioritizes considerations for organizations that have limited time, budgets or personnel to completely vet potential employees. A key focus to this training is the clear presentation to companies of what they are buying into when contracting with real or virtual “background check” servicing companies.


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